TCFV develops and collects materials for local communities to use in their men’s nonviolence activities. Samples can be provided to anyone for free. Quantities can be provided to individuals and organizations in Texas for free; shipping and handling will apply to out-of-state orders. View in Spanish | Vea en Español

Father’s Pledge

Fathers – and father figures – can protect young people from domestic violence. The vast majority of fathers do not commit domestic violence. But fathers and father figures can do even more to prevent the long-term harm that domestic violence causes in the lives of young people. This Father’s Day, te Office of the Attorney General has joined with TCFV to encourage fathers to take a stand against domestic violence.

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Do the Right Thing/Haz lo Correcto

“Do the Right Thing” asks men to speak up and get involved when they see male friends or family members acting abusively. The brochure says, “What can you do? Say something! If you don’t, your silence is the same as saying abuse is okay,” before offering specific phrases that might be used to intervene. The Spanish version is called “Haz lo Correcto.”

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Men Make Choices/Hombres de Verdad Escogen

“Men Make Choices” is a folded palm card speaks directly to men, based on social marketing research. It lays out examples of abusive behavior and asserts that “Choices Have Consequences” and “If you abuse, you can choose to stop.” The Spanish version is called “Hombres de Verdad Escogen.”

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Men Can Prevent Domestic Violence/Los Hombres Sí Podemos Prevenir la Violencia Familiar

Posters developed by the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council. Both posters encourage men to make ending domestic violence their business and include the numbers for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The English version says, “Rob told his best friend that he had lost respect for him as a man.” The Spanish version says, “Juan y sus hermanos le dijeron a su primo que está siendo abusivo y que necesita ayuda.”

Coaching Boys into Men

These posters, developed by the Family Violence Prevention fund for outreach in the African American community, read: Boys learn from men. Do your part to help stop violence against girls and women in the African American community. Teach boys that violence against girls and women is wrong. Boys need to understand from men that violence does not equal strength, and that there is honor and pride in taking a stand for respect and against violence against women.

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Plus, take a look at the materials available at in the TCFV Resource Center and through the Battering Intervention and Prevention services of our Service Provider Support Department.

TCFV also has a lending library available to anyone in the state of Texas. To Browse the catalog online click here.

More Tools You Can Use

Here are some additional tools available from across the country for groups and individuals engaging men and boys in ending men’s violence.

Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes

From the view of a fan, Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes offers a “loving critique” that takes an in-depth look at manhood in rap music and hip-hop culture-where creative genius, poetic beauty, and mad beats collide with misogyny, violence and homophobia.

Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes gives us a chance to look at how popular culture sends messages about manhood and violence. What kinds of messages are mainstream hip-hop and other media sending? How do these messages inform our work in creating a new model of manhood? This film is a great tool for community discussions, and the producers have developed a facilitator’s guide and discussion guide along with other resources you can download for free (available here).

Gracias Papá

This effort developed by the Division of Injury and Violence Prevention at the Virginia Department of Health includes a radio campaign consisting of a set of three radio spots that feature Latino fathers with daughters. The fathers talk about the opportunities they want for their children and how older men should not be dating younger teens. These are real fathers and the wording is actually from an interview, not a script. These spots can be heard at under “Recursos.” Just click a name under the radio. If you are interested in using the spots for free without the Virginia contact information, contact the Male Outreach Coordinator at the Division of Injury and Violence Prevention at the Virginia Department of Health at(804) 864-7739.

Coaching Boys into Men

This multi-faceted social change campaign from the Family Violence Prevention Fund includes posters, brochures, radio spots, and more.

Family Violence Prevention Fund

My Stregnth is Not For Hurting

Help men stay strong with the 2007 edition of our racially diverse and situationally-inclusive PSA series. Our now 19-item categorized-by-situation poster series features 7 new posters that focus on issues such as consent and drug intoxication, as well as a bold 17×22-inch BYSTANDER all-male poster! Never before has our Mediaworks series been so comprehensive! Click here for information on how to order.