This month’s article has to do with addressing root causes of violence. For many prevention advocates the thought of addressing root causes of violence seems like a huge and almost impossible endeavor. This article frames prevention work in a way that allows advocates and target populations to define their prevention work through the lens of Human Rights.

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If we approach prevention work by examining the root causes of violence it becomes apparent that Intimate Partner Violence does not exist in a vacuum and that it is intrinsically connected to other forms of violence and oppression like homophobia, transfobia, sexism, classism, racism, adultism, ableism, etc. In our work to create a society where IPV does not exist, we would need to dismantle these other systems of oppression that are in place which create the conditions for IPV to occur. But, where do we start?

This article talks about a positive way of approaching this issue by taking a human rights approach. According to the article, teaching young people about their human rights, helped to reduce bullying and behavioral problems in their schools.

In your violence prevention work with men and boys, have you used a human rights approach as a primary prevention strategy? Can a focus on root causes of violence created another opportunity for men and boys to connect more with the issue of IPV? How so?  What tools or techniques have you utilized to address root causes of violence?