Recently the Cartoon Network has disclosed that they will be launching an anti-bullying campaign next fall. The campaign targets bystanders to take action against bullying and was prompted by a Cartoon Network poll which suggested that young people felt that while certain things like war and the economy were out of their control, they could do something about bullying.

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Harvard Medical School psychologist Ronald Slaby noted that while the majority of bullying incidents are witnessed by bystanders, an intervention only occurs one-fifth of the time.  He goes on to state, “It’s almost like a game that’s being played. If you get a child to think strategically that they have a role to play as a bystander, that’s the key.”

As a Primary Prevention advocate, what techniques do you use to create ownership of the issue of violence prevention with youth? What facilitation, outreach and engagement strategies have you found to be most effective? Can something as small as limiting the amount of time we talk and letting young people draw their own conclusions, create ownership of the issue?

Finally, how can we enhance the lessons disseminated through the Cartoon Network as a state to increase the dosage of violence prevention messaging young people receive? What role do you play in that and what role do you think TCFV should play?