This month’s article is a contribution from Primary Prevention Facilitator Jeremy Flowers from the East Texas Crisis Center.

Author, Activist, Educator, Jackson Katz examines the misogynistic behaviors of actor Mel Gibson that have been frequent in the media lately and explains why this is a “Teachable Moment.” He gives insight on beliefs of rape myths, racism, and male supremacy that hold true for Gibson, and many other white men in society today. Katz also points out how Gibson sexualizes his anger towards his ex-girlfriend (Oksana Grigorieva), and links the sexism and hostility toward women in pornography – quoting a recognized sociologist and author, Gail Dines.

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We must all take advantage of the “Teachable Moments” highlighted in the media whenever they’re given. If this would have been a man with normal social status, it’s possible this story wouldn’t have even surfaced into the media’s forefront.

Gibson’s status as a prominent figure in society allows us to begin a dialogue with our community about the attitudes that continue to exist which allow for violence to occur in the first place. Although Gibson’s rant represents a dramatic representation of what misogyny and racism can look like, it can provide us with a jumping off point to discuss more subtle forms of violence that are perpetrated on a daily basis and which go unchecked.