Recently, Hanes made the decision to drop television advertisements featuring Charlie Sheen in response to a domestic violence incident he was involved in on Christmas Day.

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Spokesman for Hanesbrand Matt Hall stated:
“It’s a pretty standard, straightforward call when somebody who’s in your commercials is arrested on suspicion of something of this magnitude.”

As violence prevention advocates we are urged to ask ourselves, why Hanes would make this decision with seemingly no public pressure? What social values or marketing strategies do they abide by which would make this an obvious decision for them, given that it is not an obvious decision for others? Further, how can their decision to hold Sheen accountable for the violence he perpetrates be used to prompt others, such as producers for his show, to also hold him accountable? What is the role of the communities we have access to and our role in all of this? How can we support Hanes’ decision to do this?