Often doing anti-violence work we can get cynical. Seeing all the violence present in the world around us and hearing the intimate details of those experiences can prompt us to be confined to that world. Indeed, that perspective is apparent in the prevention work we do as we talk about statistics, relate stories of violence and display multi-media representations of violence for public de-construction.

Our challenge this month is to think of those positive experiences that co- exist within a world rife with violence, the protective factors, if you will, that foster healthy non-violent communities.

This article speaks to the love and respect between a father and a son.

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It makes me wonder: As we do prevention work out there in the world, how can we work with fatherhood campaigns to promote anti-violence messages? What is also brought to mind is, as prevention advocates, how can we proliferate those positive experiences and meaningful moments that can be transformative for both fathers and sons? What are some non-traditional strategies we can use?