Lee Daniels new film “Precious” is about a teenage girl named Precious who is pregnant, for the second time, by her father. It tells a story of the physical, emotional and sexual violence that Precious experiences at the hands of her parents.

For Executive Producer, Tyler Perry, this film is personal. As a survivor of domestic and sexual violence, Tyler sees his experiences reflected in Precious’s. Recently, he openly spoken about his experiences and the role that forgiveness played in his healing.

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As antiviolence advocates we know that men experience domestic and sexual violence, primarily in their younger years, yet there are so few men who are willing to talk about it. We also know that making the issue personal to people can secure their most active involvement. Our challenge this month is to consider how people’s personal accounts feed into larger prevention strategies? What changes when we make things personal, when we move from the “them” to the “me?” Further, how do we honor everyone’s story of violence and use it towards transformation?

Perry states on his website:
“…PRECIOUS is a powerful film. After seeing it, I had to be involved. I didn’t write it or direct it, nor am I making any money from it. Oprah and I both are giving any proceeds we would make to charity. I just wanted to get as many people to see it as I can. It gave me so much hope after watching it. For everyone who has been a Precious, male or female, this movie will make you so glad you made it through.”