Our discussion this month is centered around Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Since she was nominated by President Obama, Sotomayor has received much criticism, which continues today in her confirmation hearings. The criticism that she is receiving is very difficult to digest because it reinforces the ways in which racism and sexism continue to prevail in our country. Many of the attacks launched against Sotomayor have been launched by men, particularly white men of privilege who question everything from her credentials to whether or not she could reasonably fulfill her role as a Supreme Court Justice given her obvious prejudice as a woman of color.

Our question this month is: what can men who stand against sexism and other forms of oppression do to counter some of these sexist and racist ideas that are coming from the popular media? When other men are talking about this issue what can you say or do? How can you work within the circles that you are a part of work, school, friend networks, etc. to challenge other men’s and boys’ perspectives on some of these issues or to simply begin a conversation with them about where those perspectives come from?

Here is an example of what the Women’s Media Center is doing as well as a YouTube video that synthesizes some of the comments that have been made. WARNING: This may be difficult to watch.