The new Seth Rogen film “Observe and Report” has caused some controversy among anti-violence advocates. The film contains a scene that trivializes date rape/drug facilitated rape through the use of humor. As a survivor of sexual assault, the author of the article calls on the community to boycott the film. Click here to read the full story!

Beyond boycotting films that normalize sexual violence, what do you or the people that you know do to counter sexual violence? What happens if someone is drunk at a party and one person obviously got them that way is insistent on taking them home? What about when you’re out at the store and someone is sexually harassing someone else… do you stand up then? What do you say and do?

This article, and many other films that normalize interpersonal and sexual violence through humor, provide us with an opportunity to dialogue about the issue. How can you start, or continue, to talk to your friends, co-workers, people in your groups, etc. about how you all will collectively respond to sexual violence and how you will support each other in the process? How do you support the person that is perpetrating the violence as well as the victim?