The Super Bowl is upon us once again! Some us will work really hard to make their Super Bowl party a memorable experience while others will work hard to avoid any kind of association with the event. Regardless of your thoughts about the Super Bowl or about football and contact sports, the Super Bowl is something we are hard pressed to escape. My challenge to you this month is to seize this opportunity and make it a teachable moment.

The Super Bowl is well known for its commercials. As you are sitting around watching the game consider the ways in which the media impacts our society.

Who is the media created for and by? What are they trying to sell? In what ways do media images and messages support sexism, classism, racism, homophobia, abelism, lookism, violence etc.? Find fun and creative ways to use this moment to have some great dialogue with family and friends about the true messaging behind commercials and how that impacts our society. Maybe you could rank the commercials that you consider to be the most supportive of the kind of social norms that we want to promote in our community or maybe you can rally everyone around boycotting the company that sponsored the most atrocious commercial, you decide what works best for your group!

Our article this month is about the sexual objectification of women by the media and it’s societal impact. Here’s the link that can help you frame your conversations.

Here’s an example from About-Face of a really bad commercial and suggestions on how you can look under the surface to uncover messages that commercials are promoting.